Best Budget 4k TV In India 

Best 4k TV In India [2020] – Buyer’s Guide & Review 👈

Looking for the best 4K TV in India? 4K resolution refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels. Digital television and digital cinematography commonly use several different 4K resolutions. In television and consumer media, 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) is the dominant 4K standard, whereas the movie projection industry uses 4096 × 2160 (DCI 4K).

The 4K television market share increased as prices fell dramatically during 2014 and 2015. By 2020, more than half of U.S. households are expected to have 4K-capable TVs,a much faster adoption rate than that of Full HD (1080p).

 Best 43 Inch 4k TV In India 

Best 4k TV In India



Buying a television set in the Indian market is a very difficult thing to do. There are a lot of brands in various price brackets that offer some amazing television models to choose from. There are a lot of new technologies that have been introduced in the market. Making things even more difficult for the consumer.

So, when it comes to buying the Best 4K TV in India, there are a lot of options that you can go with. This list compiled by me aims at making things easier for the customers to choose the right model for his/her needs.


1. Mi LED TV 4A PRO Best 4K TV In India

xiaomi mi tv 32 inch price in india

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Mi is one of the Best 4K TV in India that deal in electronic devices. Smart TVs are also one of them, and if you want value for money, there is no better option than this one. This is one of the best television sets that are currently available in the market. Well, let’s have a look at the features of this TV from Mi.

Key Features:-

  • Full HD Resolution: This television set has a full HD resolution, which will make your experience with it better than you have ever had.
  • Streaming: You can stream online videos and movies on Voot, Hotstar, and many more. It also has Patchwall.
  • 3 USB Ports: You will also get three USB ports in it to connect hard drives to watch your favourite movies.
  • Built-in Chromecast: It has built-in Chromecast, which also adds to the beauty of this product.
  • DTS-HD Sound: It also has a good sound quality that makes this television even more appealing.

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy this model
  • This is one of the Best 4K TV in India that are available in the Indian market. You are getting an amazing deal here. It is worth every rupee. You will also get a one-year warranty on it. This is a great thing because you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged.
  • Moreover, it is full of awesome features that you are going to love. All in all, it is a great product, and you will be happy with your purchase.
  • There is nothing much that is wrong about this product. However, you might face problem connecting it to the WiFi at times. But this won’t happen often.

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2. LG 43LK5760PTA 43 inch Best 4K TV In India

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This is the second model on my list of Best 43 Inch Smart TV in India.

If you want to buy a premium quality television, this is one of the best options for you. When it comes to the quality and features, there is no match to it LG Televisions in India.

However, you will have to spend a little extra money on it. But, you will fall in love with this product because you will have the best experience with it. Also, it is worth every rupee. So, all in all, it will prove to be a great purchase. Let’s have a look at the features of this TV.


  • WiFi Connectivity: You can connect this TV with WiFi and enjoy the internet. You can also stream your favourite videos and movies online.
  • 43-inch Full HD Display: It has a big screen of 43-inch. Also, it has a full HD display, which will give you a better experience.
  • Smart TV: It is a smart TV, and it will offer you features that a normal television can’t.
  • Comes with Magic Remote and LG AI ThinQ technology
  • USB Ports: You will get one USB and two HDMI ports on this television. You can connect it to your Smartphone or laptop to enjoy some awesome features.
  • 20W Speakers: It has a set of 20W speakers. When it comes to sound quality, you will fall in love with it

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy this model
  • It comes with some amazing features and is a durable product, as well. It will keep running for years, and you won’t have to spend on a new one. Also, when it comes to quality, it has no match out there. So, this model is worth investing in, and you can definitely consider buying it.
  • The only drawback to this product is that its price is a little higher, and if you have a tight budget, you might face issues. But, if you have the right budget, you won’t face any problems with this television.

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3. Onida 43FIS-W 43 inch Best 4K TV In India

43lk5760pta flipkart

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This is a good-quality television set from Onida. It is one of the Best 4K TV in India. If you want to buy a product in the mid-range segment, it is the best choice for you. When it comes to features, it can compete with any product out there. Also, it is a quality product and will last for years. Let’s have a look at the features of this television.


  • Android TV: It is an Android TV, which is a great thing because you will be able to enjoy a lot of amazing features with it. It also has a Google Smart TV platform, which makes this product even more appealing.
  • Full HD 43-inch Display: It has a bigger and better display. You will be able to enjoy high-quality videos and movies on this television.
  • High-Quality Audio: When it comes to sound quality, you can rely on this product. It has a sound equalizer and works really well.
  • USB Ports: It has two USB ports and three HDMI ports. This is a great thing because you won’t have to take out the already inserted hard drive if you want to use another one.

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy this model
  • The amazing features that you are getting in this product are awesome, and especially at this range, something like this is very rare to find. If we keep all these things in mind, this product is worth investing in.
  • At this rice range, you couldn’t have asked for anything better than this. However, the speaker could have been a little powerful

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Best 55 Inch 4k TV In India

best 55 inch smart led tv in india



A 55 inch 4K TV is by far one of the Best 4K TV in India. This is so popular because it is perfectly luxurious and just about right for a medium-sized room, not too big and not too small.

55 inch and 4K resolution, it’s a perfect combination to get a truly cinematic experience at your home and available from 50K onwards.


1. OnePlus 55 inches 4K UHD Certified Best 4K TV In India

43lk5760pta lg

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  • Display: 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160)
  • Smart: Yes
  • Ports: 4 x HDMI, 2 x USB
  • Audio: 50 Watts
  • Refresh rate: 480 SMR
  • Weight: 19.5 Kg
  • Year: 2019
  • Warranty: 1 year

Pros & Cons

Reasons To Buy
  • Crisp and saturated visuals
  • The Gamma Color Magic presents appealing picture reproduction
  • Powerful audio output
  • Plenty of connectivity ports
  • Advanced Android OS
Reasons To Avoid
  • HDR content looks poor

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The OnePlus 55-inch Best 4K TV in India mentioned above is designed in classic black color. It presents an elegant design and its build quality is sturdy. OnePlus has equipped this appliance with the Android TV platform. This platform brings you cutting-edge and most-advanced TV viewing experience. The55Q1IN-1 is a combination of intelligence and imagination.

Taking a look at the key specifications of this OnePlus TV, it comes with 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) display resolution. This QLED display boasts a bezel-less design and comes with 120% NTSC. It is known that this TV supports HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG decode. It is dedicated to presenting the most holistic experience. Three important features of the display are noise cancellation, dynamic contrast, and super-resolution.

Discussing the implemented smart TV features, it comes with built-in WiFi. It comes with Oxygen OS with Android Pie (9). This Android TV supports Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in. The RAM space is 3 GB and the storage space is 16 GB.

Some other smart features implemented are OnePlus PQ Engine Gamma Color Magi, OxygenPlay VOD selection, screencasting, File browser(local media player), OnePlus Connect Mobile Sync and control, and Bluetooth Stereo mode.

For connecting external devices like Blu Ray players, set-top box, and gaming console, there are 4 HDMI ports. The unit supports 3 USB ports i.e. a USB 3.0, a USB 2.0, and a USB Type C port. These ports help you connect hard drives and a few other USB devices.


2. Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K UHD Certified Android Smart Best 4K TV In India

vu premium android 4k tv 55 inch price in india

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  • Display: 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160)
  • Smart: Yes
  • Ports: 4 x HDMI, 2 x USB
  • Audio: 20 Watts
  • Refresh rate: 50 Hz
  • Weight: 16.1 Kg
  • Year: 2019
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Its shape fits into living spaces
  • Comes with clean cable management
  • The Android OS lets you explore the new world
  • Supports Chromecast
  • ClearAudio+ fine-tunes the TV sound


 Bluetooth connects only keyboard and mouse

The KD-55X8000G from Sony Bravia Best 4K TV in India lets you enjoy ultra-clear pictures with lifelike colors. It is a 4K Android TV equipped with the 4K HDR processor X1. On the display, the fine details are impeccably reproduced for a lifelike experience. Besides, you can enjoy rich, clear sound extending from lows to crisp highs. You can enjoy game playing, movie watching, online content, content from connected devices, etc.

Glancing at its display resolution, it is 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p). The refresh rate is 50 Hz. The 4K X-reality pro makes sure every detail is clearly shown. The 4K HDR depicts a wide range of color, clarity, and contrast. The included triluminous display maps a wider palette than the majority of the other TVs. As a result, every shade and hue are reproduced.

Implemented 4K picture processing technology enhances every single pixel. The distinct parts of each scene are analyzed and then matched with a special image database. As a result, you observe lifelike detail on its display.

This is a certified Android smart Best 4K TV in India with screen mirroring.

When it comes to connectivity, it includes 4 HDMI ports to let you connect Blu Ray players, set-top box, and gaming console. There are 3 USB ports available to connect hard drives and some other USB devices.


Best Budget 4k TV In India 

Best 65 Inch 4k TV In India


With TVs becoming more affordable, smarter and better, there’s no doubt that we want the best for our homes. Today’s TVs have numerous features, such as connecting to the WiFi, streaming content from different platforms and some can even be controlled by voice. So, if you are on a tight budget and still looking to pick up a smart TV, we have some amazing options of best smart TVs under 30000 that you and your family can enjoy for a long time. 

1. Mi LED TV 41 PRO 32-inches HD Ready Android Best 4K TV In India

best budget 4k tv in india 2020

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The Mi TV Best 4K TV in India offers exciting features at an affordable price. Advanced features like HD Ready Display, Stereo speakers, Smart TV, and Android Patch Wall. If you are looking for a TV that will fill your house with the best music and sound, then this is the right one for you, as it has DTS-HD sound of the best quality. The clarity of images on this TV needs to be seen to be believed. It also has Google Voice Search, ultra-bright resolution and built-in Chromecast. The only drawback about this TV is that it does not support Netflix and Amazon. 

2. LG 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED TV 43LK5360PTA Best 4K TV In India

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This 43-inch TV will make your dreams of having a cinema-experience at home come true.  Due to the quality of the TV, it features as one of the Best 4K TV in India under 30000. What makes this TV one of the best budget smart TV India is the panel which provides life-like color while giving you a wide viewing angle. The IPS panel used by LG is the reason why LG LED TVs are known for their clearer, more reliable and durable screens. This TV also happens to be free from color wash, no blur clarity, and contrast discrepancies, making it your ideal TV partner for several years to come. If you want to get a crystal-clear image in your TV, that makes it hard to differentiate between the original image and the one on TV, then this is the Best 4K TV in India

3. Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV KLV-32W622G Best 4K TV In India

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One can enjoy full HD resolution with X-Reality™ PRO upscaling, as well as powerful bass from a built-in subwoofer in the TV. It enables you to connect instantly to the internet with features like USB Tethering & Direct YouTube Button. The TV also features HDR entertainment, ClearAudio+, Smart plug and play, simple connectivity, resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, easy control with a smart remote, multi-language set up, and has 4 different types of protections, making it one of the Best 4K TV in India.


 Best 4k TV Under 50,000 

best smart tv under 50000 in india 2020

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So you have made up your mind to spend half a lakh rupees aiming to purchase the best-LED TV, Great!

We know how confusing it is to pick a TV in this price range (or rather any price range!).

Anyway, we’ve got your back on this one.

This curated list consists of the 5 best-LED TVs available that we feel is worth every penny.

In this list, the Sony KLV-43W662F comes at the top with its much anticipated smart connectivity features integrated to the otherwise stunning display performance.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the list of Best 4K TV in India under Rs.50,000


1. Sony KDL 43W800F Best 4K TV In India

best sony tv under 50000

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 Sony was and is still one of the most respectable manufacturers of home appliances out there.

The KDL-43W800F is a Full HD LED Internet TV from Sony with some great features hidden up its sleeve.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality of this device is exceptional.

The design itself makes sure that the premium feel equates with a stylish yet durable construction.

If you are a fan of wall-mounted TV’s, there are mounting brackets with plates that would fix this TV just like a photo frame that will blend with the wall seamlessly.


The display on this device is a 43-inch full HD trilluminous panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The main USP and the feature that makes this product the best-LED TV in India under Rs. 50,000 is the trilluminous display.

If we compare this display which can show up to a hundred shades of a specific colour, the trilluminous display can show up to a thousand shades of the same.

This increases the colour accuracy of the TV that beats the competitor display by leaps and bounds.

The screen is very bright with accurate colours, thanks to the X-Reality Pro engine.

This panel has a colour gamut of about 96% which is impressive at this price point.

The native refresh rate of this display is 50Hz but Sony’s motion flow technology enhances it to about 200Hz.

In terms of pure display quality, we would choose this model over any other competitors on this list to be the best-LED TV priced under Rs. 50,000 in India.

Smart Features

Apart from the display quality, Sony touts this TV as an internet TV powered by Google-certified Android TV OS.

It has 12 pre-installed apps including Netflix, Youtube as well as photo-sharing apps like 500px.

There are dedicated Netflix and Youtube buttons on the remote which can be used for one-touch access to these services.


Sony hasn’t skimped on the number of ports on this device.

There are 4 HDMI ports for connecting devices like Blu-ray players, set-top boxes etc

and 3 USB ports.

There is an RJ 45 port for wired connectivity along with WiFi.

There are two 5W speakers on this device.

The sound output is quite loud and clear with balanced mid and lows that enhances the overall music listening experience.


The display panel is a semi-gloss one which reflects a lot of light off the screen.

So when placed under bright lights, there might be blind spots on the screen and this may hamper the viewing experience.


We think the Sony KDL-43W800F is irreplaceable when it comes to the natural colours and excellent contrast ratio that the trilluminous panel inside this TV.

With the 200Hz interpolated refresh rate, action scenes and sports seem so much smooth and addictive to watch.

Go, grab this!

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:-

  • Great Trilluminous display

  • Loudspeakers with a dedicated woofer
  • Sleek and stylish modern design
  • Reflective screen
  • No 4K display

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2. LG 50UM7290 Best 4K TV In India

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 It seems LG has a lot of competitive models in the premium LED TV segment.

The company has always been releasing TVs in varying price ranges and finding success a lot more of late.

The LG 50UM7290 Best 4K TV in India is a 50-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV with internet capabilities competently priced under Rs.50,000 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

As with every other premium LED TVs out there, LG 50UM7290 features the same slim design form factor with minimal bezels around the display.

Since all the hardware powering the display is placed on the lower backside, there’s a slight bump in the lower portion.

The build quality is exquisite with silver colour around the bezels giving this product a luxury feel.


The 50-inch full HD display supports HDR modes like HDR10 and HLG pro. This will allow you to stream HDR certified content from Netflix and other streaming sites.

The HDR content offers much more colour and contrast to the already stunning visuals

HDR certification means you can also hook this monitor on to a PC or game console to enjoy HDR games in its full capacity.

LG is a pioneer in the IPS display technology. Being a relatively big 50-inch panel, IPS technology allows you to watch TV from any angle with no colour shift or loss of details.

The 50Hz screen causes no jitters or motion blur during the video playback and the fast-moving visuals seem to be silky smooth.


You might have heard about WebOS, the answer to Android TV OS from LG. It is a slick, lightweight OS that runs fluidly and performs well even on low specced devices.

ThinQ AI is the new artificial intelligence technology that LG has been implementing across its products, be it smartphones or washing machines or even with refrigerators.

It offers voice-activated controls on LG devices for quick and easy operation without having to pound your fingers over the remote buttons.


WebOS allows you to multitask. If you can’t stop watching a live broadcast but want to check out your social media account at once, you can do that with this LED TV.

You can connect your wireless headphones or earphones to this device and enjoy the show without disturbing anyone.

DTS certified speakers inside this television offer a decent playback experience but when it comes to TVs, we always recommend an external speaker setup for the complete experience


The LG 50UM7290 is a 50-inch large screen smart LED TV that provides you with an excellent cost to feature proposition.

A stunning IPS 4K display in itself is worth the asking price and with features such as HDR support and smart connectivity, this television is one of the best value for money products in the market at present.

Pros & Cons

  • 4K active HDR
  • Powerful processor
  • Apple Airplay 2 support
  • Limited apps on WebOS compared to Android

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Best 4k TV Under 30,000

best smart tv under 50000 in india

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Planning to buy a 4k TV for your living room but don’t know what to buy. We can help you in choosing the Best 4K TV in India under 30000 Rs that are available on 

As all know, buying a TV (for the majority of Indians) is a long term investment and you are not going to throw it for at least a couple of years, usually an average of 5 years. 

So, you should think in the long run and focus on features like panel quality, the number of HDMI ports, USB threatening, screen resolution, smart features and also the updates

This list is not a hit-down list, as all the TV that are listed in the article are best in their own ways. Hence, you can use this list to select the best TV based on your preferences.

1. Mi LED TV 4X 125.7 Cm (50) 4K Ultra HD Android Best 4K TV In India

best sony tv under 50000

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 The Mi LED 50″ 4k ultra HD Android TV is the Best 4K TV in India. What makes it this TV that much popular in Indian? The answer is the quality that is packed in every Mi 4K TV at a reasonable price.

The TV panel has a 4K UHD IPS display coupled with HDR mode for better contrast and dynamic range. Mi panel also serves a brighter display with 1.07 billion colors that are projected by the vivid picture engine. These all make sure you get the best picture quality for your entertainment world.

Mi 4K 50″ Best 4K TV in India comes with a 20 watt Dolby fine-tuned speakers that deliver ample sound by which you fairly enjoy your favorite soccer matches. But again not that much loud and a little bit disappointing by Xiaomi.

So, if you want a 4k TV under the price range of 30k then you can go for this. However, you have to compromise with its screen size of 50″ that falls behind the other competitors. But if you can invest 4 thousand more then you can buy it’s 55″ version with almost the same features.

Key Features:-

  • Smart TV: Android TV v9.0
  • Screen: 50″ Ultra HD, 60Hz LED HDR panel
  • Speakers: 2 speakers of 20W supported by Dolby digital decoder.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) and Ethernet
  • Ports: 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Headphone Jack, and RF Connectivity Input
  • Inbuilt Apps: Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Prime Video, etc.
  • Voice control remote system

2. Sanyo 43 Inches 4K UHD IPS LED Smart Certified Android XT-43A081U Best 4K TV In India 

best smart tv under 50000 in india 2020

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If you feed up with Mi TV and want a different company then Panasonic India manufacturer, Sanyo TV would be the best smart 4K TV under 30000 Rs.

The Sanyo 43 inch Best 4K TV in India will cost you around 25k which is in comparison to Mi is far-far less. So, if you want to spend not much on a 4K TV and adjust to 43″ then we definitely suggest you buy this cost-effective 4K TV. 

In addition, you will get free mounting service and installation from the Sanyo company itself which again is better than Mi, as there you have to pay for both mounting brackets and installation.

Apart from this, the Sanyo 43″ Best 4K TV in India is loaded with all the features that you could expect from the Mi 50″ LED TV. Sanyo Android TV is powered by Android v8.0 along with thousands of authorized apps from the Android TV play store.

Sanyo TV panel is also suitable for advertising purposes at the windows of the shop because of its beautiful and glorified displays which are at up to 1000 nits brightness that makes it a perfect fit for any lighting environment.

Key Features:-

  • Smart TV: Android TV v8.0 Oreo
  • Screen: 43″ Ultra HD, 60Hz, 1000 nits IPS LED panel
  • Speakers: 2 speakers give 20W output supported by Dolby digital.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MHL, and Ethernet
  • Ports: 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Headphone Jack, and RF Connectivity Input
  • Inbuilt Apps: Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Google movies, etc.
  • Voice Search powered by Google Assistant, ‘ok google’.
  • Metallic brushed body finishes with thin bezels.

3. Kevin 55 Inches 4K UHD LED Smart KN55UHD-PRO Best 4K TV In India

best 4k tv in india under 40000

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In 2019, Kevin Best 4K TV in India hits the Indian market with its 55 inches 4K UHD android smart TV. The TV supports HDR 10, which would never disappoint you. It’s bright display (not like Sanyo 43 Inches 1000 nits display) and darkest visuals with wide viewing angles provides a crisp and saturated image

Like other Smart TVs on our list, you can enjoy the favorite movies and shows from the various platforms like Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix, etc. In addition, you can enjoy 15+ national and regional movies on their MovieBox app.

But the main advantage that makes this Kevin 4K TV stand-alone from the other product at this 30000 Rs price range is the 30 watts output-speaker. And as per the sound quality, it somehow manages to throw tremendous sound that is audible to you at a distance of 20 feet

While talking about its software performance and updates, Kevin Smart Best 4K TV in India can automatically update its firmware so you can never fall behind the features provided by the current OS version.

So, if you want a 4K TV that has regular over-air-updates along with better sound quality and a big screen, then you definitely go with Kevin 4K TV.

Key Features:-

  • Smart TV: Android TV v7.0
  • Screen: 55″ Ultra HD, 60Hz IPS LED panel
  • Speakers: 30 Watts sound output ( highest in this price range of 30k)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet
  • Ports: 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Headphone Jack, and RF connectivity Input
  • Inbuilt Apps: Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, MovieBox, etc.
  • Screen Mirroring- E-Share on your smart TV screen.
  • Web touch remote.

 Best 4k TV Under 40,000 

best tv under 50000 in india 2020

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What is one of the best entertainment source in every house? Of course, television. TV has played a vital role for years to make the people enjoy it at its best. so we make a list of Best 4K TV in India.

And, with the modern era and so many technological updates, LED TV or smart TV has come. Smart TV is a prevalent trend, and buying one can be a bit difficult for people because people don’t have enough knowledge.

Smart TV can be all the quick features like internet connection, application system, and many more. Well, you get the best tv under 40000. There are trendy brands that have evolved their business into the same. 


1. Samsung 123 cm Full HD LED Smart Best 4K TV In India

best tv under 60000 in india 2020

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Samsung is the leading name when it comes to purchasing a TV, mobile, refrigerator, or any other electronic device. The company has grabbed the market for years, and it will continue to rule it with exciting products.

TV or television by Samsung also comes in the quality with features at its best, and even you can consider it for the Best 4K TV in India. Build with high technology gives its user a feel of the live concert at home. 

You will get the uncomparable sound quality because it has four channels speakers. The vital component that you should consider on TV is that the picture quality should be too good to give you a smooth view, and this is what you will get on LED TV by Samsung

This TV can be controlled using the app. Yes, it can get connected with the smart-thing application. As viewers don’t need external sound quality but, this tv can also be combined with the Bluetooth speakers of any company. 

It has options so easy to operate. Yes, either your grandmother or kid, whoever is working this TV can run it smoothly without any hassle because it has navigations. The navigation is designed to keep the users’ ease and that is the reason it is known as Best 4K TV in India.


  • It has a higher resolution for a clear picture.
  • It has an HDR display
  • It comes with rich color features.
  • You will get the full HD display.
  • It has a marvelous connecting option.
  • Better sound quality with 40w output.

2. Akai 140 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Best 4K TV In India

best tv under 40000 quora

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Akai has the most fantastic product range under its collection of Best 4K TV in India under 40000. Akai Ultra HD collection recently came up with the new model in 2019 only under the model number AKLT55U-DT55V.

This technology updated television has 13.5 kg overall weight, which means you can carry it easily by yourself. Build with the larger dimensions. It also has the batteries facility included with two aaa.

Come with the 4000 resolution; this is known as the android television. Apart from these exclusive benefits, you will get a TV unit, mouse-based on-air technology, remote along with a tabletop stand. 

Well, the company offers manuals for their use so that on whatever option of service they stop, the user manual can guide them instantly. This is the LED television with 55 inches.

It supports three modes of sound, such as m4a, mp3 as well as WMA, along with 20 watts of audio quality. The batteries run this; it is pronounced that it comes with the battery.

So, if you are looking for the first-class television of this year then, Akai has the solution designed for you. You need to go and get yourself the one smart LED tv. This is the Best 4K TV in India under 40000.


  • You can enjoy high resolution build in it.
  • Hard Drives can be connected.
  • Akai comes with the best input slot.
  • It has a USB connectivity option.
  • No more hassle with installation.

3. LG 108 cm 4K UHD Smart LED Best 4K TV In India

best tv under 40000

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Buying a television is not like a child’s play. It would help if you needed to go through the research and lots of research before choosing the right tv because it comes with different features. 

And, what can be better than a television whose all features we will discuss here, and you don’t have to go for further research? So, LG is the brand whose TV you can without overthinking because it is the Best 4K TV in India under 40000.

LG also is known as Life’s Good. So, a 108 cm device from LG has 4k resolution with a 50 h rate. You won’t have to take tension for its installation as the company always sends its service expert to get the installation done for you in the right manner. 

Now, come at the sound feature so that it has an output of 20w, which is very powerful. It comes with web OS, which can also get connected with mobile. 

You will also get a warranty which you can get over the module as well as it can make you sure to try this product. All the service persons from LG will always just call away. You can call them to let you enjoy the uninterrupted services. 

This Best 4K TV in India  also comes with an easy to return policy but only within ten days. It would be implemented on the damaging of the product as well as you are not getting the same features mentioned at the time of purchasing. 


  • It has an upscale option.
  • This television runs on web OS.
  • You can connect it through mobile.
  • It has a two-way playback option.
  • It has the option of pictures and video also.
  • You can get HD quality.
  • It comes with a metallic design.

 Best 4k TV In India Under 1 Lakh

 Best 4k TV In India Under 1 Lakh

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Are you planning to buy a LED TV that priced under ₹100000, and you are in search of a Best-led TV (inc, SmartTV) below ₹100000 to buy now? Well don’t worry, We are here to help you. There are a lot of companies right now that offer smart TVs. In fact, there are quite a number of smart TVs that cost ₹100000 or less And thus we have analyzed and picked some of the best LED SmartTV and Non-smartTV under ₹100000. The Televisions in this list comes with multiple HDMI ports, USB port, Ethernet Port and Wifi to connect with internet along with the good hardware giving better picture quality, Sound and with Overall good viewing experience with better value for money

Here are the Best 4K TV in India  under ₹100000 that you should consider buying as of now in India.

1. OnePlus Q1 Series QLED TV 55Q1IN Pro Best 4K TV In India

best sony tv under 50000

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 The One Plus Q1 Series TV has 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) 55 inch Smart Certified Android LED TV that accompanies an astonishing arrangement of lights offering a superior viewing experience. 

This Best 4K TV in India has an AI Android certified LED TV which accompanies smart connectivity and HDR-fit board. It gives a 50 Watts Output alluring sound with Clear Audio highlight to offer better listening experience with Full range 4 Speaker, 2 subwoofers and 2 tweeters.

It also includes Bluetooth connectivity, Built-In Wifi, Google assistant Because of Android Pie (9), you can download a large number of games applications. One Plus is a Smart TV which comes with CPU A53X4 and accompanies a 3 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage.

One plus smart led comes with four 50 watt speakers which are a higher number of speakers in this listing and 120 Hz refresh rate which is the same as only Samsung UA55NU7470U LED 55 inch TV. 

Pros & Cons

  • Supports Android Pie 9
  • 4 HDMI and 3 USB Ports
  • 50 Watt 4 Speakers
  • No tabletop stand
  • Netflix not available

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2. Samsung UA55NU7470U LED Smart Best 4K TV In India

best 4k tv in india under 40000

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 Samsung UA55NU7470U is one of the Best 4K TV in India among other 4K TV in India. It has a slim bezel,edge-lit structure and its U-formed legs come pleasantly just underneath the screen.

Samsung 55-inch 4K UHD Smart QLED TV is filled by cutting edge Quantum Processor 4K which gives perfect clear pictures. Quantum Dot Technology offers good color reproduction and improves your TV viewing experience. Besides, it’s Ambient Mode helps with upscaling the style of your room.

The sound quality of this 4K Best 4K TV in India is great, and its Intelligent AI-controlled Audio Feature increases the sound quality.

You can connect speakers with its HDMI ARC and optical audio output and get an improved sound quality. It has AI upscaling, Quantum HDR 4X certifications to offer you a decent picture and sound quality.

It has 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and 1 sound output same and maximum as only Oneplus Q1 series smart TV under this listing and with inbuilt Bluetooth. The Samsung UA55NU7470U uses Quantum Processor 4K, and it offers a more clear picture with exact colors.

Pros & Cons

  • Quantum processor 4K
  • AI upscaling
  • Google assistance
  • Sound Quality has to improved

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3. Sony Bravia KD-55X8000G LED Smart Best 4K TV In India

best smart tv under 50000 in india 2020

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 Sony is driving OLED TVs in India for quite a while and offers a decent and good display to the customers. Best 4K TV in India is an ideal mix of Good resolutions, High definition and sleek design body with all the latest features. 

We can say Sony Bravia KD 55X is a top-notch model that offers a pleasant look and very ahead in the challenge of best 4K TV.  

Sony Bravia KD 55X accompanies an OLED board with 4K Ultra-HD 3840X2160 pixels resolution.

Its Acoustic Surface Speaker Technology with its sub-woofers is one of the most attractive features of this 4K which offers sound in higher frequencies.

The base of this 4K TV outfits two lines of connectors like Ethernet port, RF input, 3 HDMI inputs, 1 USB 3.0 port, and optical sound output. 

Sony Bravia KD-55X Best 4K TV in India has inbuilt Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1 for improving the network connectivity, while the Chromecast permits you to stream all videos from any sources. This 4K TV comes with Google Assistant, Google Play Movies and music.

Pros & Cons

  • AI upscaling
  • Google assistance
  • 5 Ports

  • In this range only 50Hz of Refresh rate

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Best 65 Inch 4k TV In India

vu premium android 4k tv 55 inch price in india

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There was a time when 23 inches LED TV was treated as the precious one. But now 32 inches LED TV are the common ones in Indian homes. Every year trends changes, and people demand more in their wishlist. The LED Smart TVs also falls under this category. Nowadays, everybody demands of King Size TV. If your living room is big, then it will be a large LED TV is the ideal choice for you.

The Indian markets are flooded by so many big-screen TVs. Every buyer gets influenced by one TV to the other. Thus, we are also providing the buying guide below so that you will get complete information about LEDs TV, and you won’t get confused in so many displays.

1. Sony Bravia 163.9 cm 4K UHD Certified Android LED Best 4K TV In India

best tv under 50000 in india 2020

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 This Best 4K TV in India is the most popular TV brands in the country. This TV will uncover each detail with the 4K HDR. It will pair with the 4K clarity for brightness and color. It provides a far wide range of light than any other video format. The TV offers you life-like pictures that enable the great highlights and subtle details. With the 4X Realty Pro, you will be able to get each and every pixel with the powerful 4K power picture processing.

This TV comes with the Bass Reflex Speaker, where you will hear the bright, vibrant sound from the high to the extended low. It has an isolated design box, you will listen to every detail clearly. The ClearAudio+ and the beautiful tunes will provide strength and emotionally enriching sound. It gives the aesthetic style to the entire living area. There will be nice management, and there is no distraction of the wires in the stand holder.

You will explore the new world with this Android TV. It gives vast and ever-growing apps. This will allow playing games once they are downloaded.  You will be able to find the content across different services. It allows casting the Youtube and Netflix from the phone to the Bravia screen. You will spot the stand-up comedy, kids’ shows, and the award-winning performances. There is IR Blaster that allows the DTH Box and the TV with the one remote.

This comes with the 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) resolution with a refresh rate of 50 Hertz. It provides the best connectivity with the 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports to connect with outer devices. There is X Protection Pro that comes with the advanced protection shield. It will protect the TV against the electrical surges. The TV also comes with the Anti humidity coating that will prevent the short circuit caused by the high moisture. It has the Motionflow XR that will create and insert the extra frames between the original ones.

Pros & Cons

The Good
  • 4K HDR with the 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Slice Of Living Design Models
  • Clean Cable Management Models
  • IR Blaster and X Protection Pro
  • Motionflow XR with Full Android TV
  • Value for Money
The Bad
  • No Apple Device Support

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2. LG 164 cms 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED Best 4K TV In India

best 43 inch 4k tv under 50000

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 LG is one of the famous and the oldest LED TVs brands in India. They are ruling this industry from the past decades. They have also come up with a 65inch LED TV. This Best 4K TV in India comes with a processor that enhances everything. It has the a7 Gen 2 that is the center of all the images, action, and color. It comes with an AirPlay 2 that will allow sharing the movies in the Dolby Vision titles, TV shows, photos. You will able to play music on LG AI TV and the AirPlay 2 compatible speakers of your home at the same time.

It let the vivid colors to set the scene. You will be able to see everything with the breadth of the colors that will take your breath away. With the LG ThingQ AI, you will be able to listen, think, and answers. It comes with the Google Assistant and Alexa, which will control your entire connected home. You will be to personalized entertainment on this TV. The TV comes with a bit of simple minimalistic design and integrates with your home.

It will also allow your TV with the full entertainment powerhouse. The TV has the sound and images that are inspired by the cinema to optimize picture and sound. You will feel the more life-like experience in every scene and get the ultra-vivid picture with the moving audio. This one comes with the content store where you will love the favorite movies, Amazon Prime, through the LG Smart OS.

This Best 4K TV in India comes with a Bluetooth based magic remote that can work in any direction. You can connect the Bluetooth headset wirelessly with the TV. There is a gallery manner that will bring the travel attractions that is improved by the TripAdvisor. With the mobile connection overlay, you can relish the content from the mobile to the TV screen. The cellular connection will overlay the TV programs.

Pros & Cons

The Good
  • OLED Black with Gallery Style
  • Mobile Connection Overlay
  • Content Store and Magic Remote
  • Wireless Sound
  • AI Acoustic Tunning
  • Apple Airplay 2 Sign
  • 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision
  • Value for Money
The Bad
  • Need Automatic Volume Controls

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3. TCL 163.96 cm AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED Best 4K TV In India

best 43 inch 4k tv under 50000

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TCL is one of the famous TV brands and are fully Android TV. It comes with the TCL TV AI interaction. This Best 4K TV in India allows you to access all the entertainment by speaking into the microphone on the remote control. It will connect and control the other devices of your house. You will ask the question, organize the calendar, plan the travel, and enjoy the new level of smart integration.

It recognizes each scene through the AI algorithm. This will improve the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the picture. It also comes with the best audio quality and that lows down the distortion of the signals. The TV can connect smart devices such as sweeping robots, curtains, and lights, etc. HDR 10 produces the detail images with the reproduction of brightness and sheer shades. It has the micro dimming that will analyze the picture in the 1296 zones.

HLG offers a great flexible approach to reach the performance with the HDR. TCL has collaborated with the OTT partners that will allow accessing the 950,000 + content provision. You will get sources from all local video like ErosNow, ZEE5, Hotstar, Voot, Hungama, ALTBalaji, and Yupp TV. It comes with an affordable price range.

This Best 4K TV in India comes with the 4K Ultra HD(3860 x 2160) resolution. It has the Android Pie(9) that provides the new world of movies, shows, and games from Google Play. You will get  a bit of 3 HDMI and the 2 USB ports to connect with the cameras, laptops and external devices. It comes with 18 months of warranty from the date of purchase.

Pros & Cons

The Good
  • HDR 10 with Micro Dimming
  • HLG with Official Google
  • Android 9 and AI Interaction
  • 950,00O Hours Content Provision
  • AI Picture Engine and AI Sound Engine
The Bad
  • Alexa Integration

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What is a good refresh rate on a 4k TV 

Refresh rate is one of the more confusing aspects of TV technology, and TV makers don’t do much to explain it. In fact, they often double it.

Higher refresh rate claims with numbers like 120, 240, and higher are common, but not always accurate. In fact, no matter what number you see listed with a 4K TV, no 4K TV has a native panel refresh rate higher than 120Hz. As we’ll explain, though, a number higher than 120Hz doesn’t necessarily mean the claim is false.

Here’s the basics:

  1. Refresh rate is the number time times per second (written in hertz, or Hz) a TV refreshes its image.
  2. Movies are almost always filmed 24 frames per second, or 24Hz. Live TV shows at 30 or 60.
  3. Most TVs refresh at 60, some higher-end models at 120. Some older 1080p LCD TVs refreshed at 240Hz.
  4. The point of a higher refresh rate is to reduce the motion blur inherent in all current TV technologies.
  5. Motion blur is the softening of the image when an object, or the entire screen, is in motion.
  6. TV manufacturers use multiple technologies in addition to refresh rate to come up with an “effective refresh rate.”

What Is 4k led TV 

The world of TVs has moved on a lot in the past few years. There are new technologies and certifications, all aimed at making the next leap forward, none more so than 4K TV.

With all that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about 4K, to save you a load of time and effort when buying a new 4K TV.

What is 4K?

4K, also known as Ultra HD, refers to a TV resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. That’s four times as many pixels than in a full HD TV, a total of about 8.3 million pixels. Having so many pixels means a higher pixel density, and you should have a clearer, better defined picture. It’s not necessarily about sharpness, but about letting more detail and texture through.

How Many Times Is 4k TV Resolution Better Than A Full HD TV Resolution 

4K Ultra HD, also known as ultra high definition – or, most simply put, 4K – is how we describe the eye-popping resolution that brings more pixels than ever before to your home TV.

You’ve probably seen or heard the term ‘4K’ in a number of places. It’s plastered on most in-store televisions, and certainly comes up a lot in our TechRadar TV reviews. But it’s important to separate vague hype from clear, hard facts – and it’s fitting that this 4K guide is placed to bringing the latter into sharper clarity for you.

4K is the natural successor to Full HD (Full High Definition), with four times as many pixels offering far more detail for viewers to enjoy. Not everything is filmed in 4K resolution, and this does mean that TV makers have to figure out ways to ‘upscale’ low resolution content to fit their pixel-dense screens – sometimes with varying results. It remains a fact, though, that a 4K TV is a sizeable upgrade over an HD TV, and you should be looking to make the most of 4K technologies if you’re on the lookout for a new television set.

4K resolution isn’t exactly a new technology these days, coming as standard in most new TVs, and is in some cases being superseded by even an sharper 8K resolution – especially with new Samsung TVs. It’s hard to find an HD set, too, unless you’re looking at a small portion of small TVs.

How To Clean 4k TV Screen 

There’s nothing worse than straining to watch a show or movie because the screen is smudged or covered in dust. If you don’t clean your TV occasionally, dust and fingerprint smudges can build up. Periodically clean your TV so it keeps looking brand new and you can keep seeing the picture clearly.

Important: Never use any type of window cleaner, soap, scouring powder, wax, or any cleanser with solvents such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or paint thinner. Never use abrasive pads or paper towels. If you do, you can scratch the screen or strip the anti-glare coating off the screen and cause permanent damage. Never spray water directly onto the TV. Make sure to wipe the TV as gently as possible. TV screens are fragile and can be damaged when pressed too hard.

  1.  Turn the TV off and let it cool down for a few minutes before unplugging it.
  2. To clean the frame and screen, gently wipe it with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Make sure to wipe the TV frame and screen as gently as possible. TV screens are fragile and can be damaged when pressed too hard.
  3.  If you don’t see results, spray water directly on to your microfiber cleaning cloth and gently wipe the frame and screen.
  4. Let the TV dry completely before you plug the TV back in.

How To Play 4k Video On Full HD TV 

4K resolution refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels. Digital television and digital cinematography commonly use several different 4K resolutions. In television and consumer media, 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) is the dominant 4K standard, whereas the movie projection industry uses 4096 × 2160 (DCI 4K).

The 4K television market share increased as prices fell dramatically during 2014 and 2015. By 2020, more than half of U.S. households are expected to have 4K-capable TVs, a much faster adoption rate than that of Full HD (1080p).

Understand the limitations

Very few laptop computers have built-in screens which support 4K resolution, and the ones that do are prohibitively expensive to purchase if you don’t already have one. For the time being, 4K is predominately limited to desktop computers.

Another limitation is your computer’s power

4K video requires a large processor, plentiful RAM, and a modern video card; you can’t just attach a 4K monitor to your old PC and hope for the best.

Make sure that you have a 4K monitor

 4K monitors come in several different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Ideally, you’ll find a monitor with a 60HZ refresh rate, but any 4K monitor in your price range will do.

Unlike the disparity between 1080p and 1080i monitors, all 4K monitors will show you the same resolution under the same circumstances.

Buy a 4K-ready HDMI cable

 You most likely already have an HDMI cable in your home, and all HDMI cables technically support 4K video. However, the most recent version of the HDMI cable—HDMI 2.0, or “high-speed HDMI”—supports up to 60 frames per second of 4K, while traditional HDMI cables only support 30 frames per second.

You can find HDMI 2.0 cables online for under $10 apiece, or you can find them in tech stores like Best Buy.

If you use a DisplayPort connection instead, opt for a DisplayPort 1.4 cable. Its specifications are the same as HDMI 2.0.

Use your 4K-ready cable to connect your monitor to your computer

Plug one end of the HDMI (or DisplayPort) cable into the back of your computer’s tower, then plug the other end into one of your monitor’s HDMI (or DisplayPort) ports.

Go to your 4K video

If you have the file for the 4K video that you want to watch on your computer, find it. Otherwise, you’ll have to download the file before proceeding.

Open your video in a video player that supports 4K

This will allow you to watch the video right on your desktop:

Windows – You can use the Movies & TV app to watch 4K videos. Right-click your 4K video, select Open with, and click Movies & TV.

Mac – You can use QuickTime to play 4K videos. Click your 4K video, click File, select Open With, and click the QuickTime option.

Consider connecting your computer to your router

Using an Ethernet cable to transfer your Internet connection directly into your computer rather than using Wi-Fi will ensure the smoothest possible streaming.

Close any large background programs or processes

 Having extra programs, browsers, or processes (e.g., downloads or updates) running while attempting to watch 4K video in your browser will most likely cause the video to lag.

Find and open a video that supports 4K

Many shows and movies on Netflix support 4K, and you’ll find a significant amount of 4K content on YouTube and Vimeo.

Select 4K quality

This will vary depending on your service, but you’ll usually click a gear-shaped icon  or click the current quality (e.g., 1080p) and then click the 4K or 2160p option.

Enjoy your 4K content

As long as you meet the hardware and software requirements to watch 4K video, you should be able to watch 4K video inside of your computer’s browser whenever you like.

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