Best Budget 4k TV In India 

Best Budget 4k TV In India [2020] – Buyer’s Guide & Review 👈

With TVs becoming more affordable, smarter and better, there’s no doubt that we want the best for our homes. Today’s TVs have numerous features, such as connecting to the WiFi, streaming content from different platforms and some can even be controlled by voice. So, if you are on a tight budget and still looking to pick up a smart TV, we have some amazing options of best budget 4K TV In India that you and your family can enjoy for a long time. 


Best Budget 4k TV In India in 2020

Best Budget 4k TV In India 

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1. Mi LED TV 41 PRO 32-inches HD Ready Android TV Best Budget 4K TV In India 

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The Mi TV is the best 4K TV In India offers exciting features at an affordable price. Advanced features like HD Ready Display, Stereo speakers, Smart TV, and Android Patch Wall. If you are looking for a TV that will fill your house with the best music and sound, then this is the right one for you, as it has DTS-HD sound of the best quality. The clarity of images on this TV needs to be seen to be believed. It also has Google Voice Search, ultra-bright resolution and built-in Chromecast. The only drawback about this TV is that it does not support Netflix and Amazon. 


2. LG 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED TV 43LK5360PTA Best Budget 4K TV In India 

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 This 43-inch TV best budget 4K TV In India will make your dreams of having a cinema-experience at home come true.  Due to the quality of the TV, it features as one of the best budget 4K TV In India. What makes this TV one of the best budget smart TV India is the panel which provides life-like color while giving you a wide viewing angle. The IPS panel used by LG is the reason why LG LED TVs are known for their clearer, more reliable and durable screens. This TV also happens to be free from color wash, no blur clarity, and contrast discrepancies, making it your ideal TV partner for several years to come. If you want to get a crystal-clear image in your TV, that makes it hard to differentiate between the original image and the one on TV, then this is the best smart TV to buy. 


3. Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV KLV-32W622G Best Budget 4K TV In India 

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One can enjoy full HD resolution with X-Reality™ PRO upscaling, as well as powerful bass from a built-in subwoofer in the TV. It enables you to connect instantly to the internet with features like USB Tethering & Direct YouTube Button. The TV also features HDR entertainment, ClearAudio+, Smart plug and play, simple connectivity, resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, easy control with a smart remote, multi-language set up, and has 4 different types of protections, making it one of the best budget 4K TV In India.


4. Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TV UA32N4310 Best Budget 4K TV In India 

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Now making an appearance on the budget TVs list is the Samsung Smart TV. This best budget 4K TV In India comes with unique features and is currently 15,900 Rs. on Amazon, hence featuring as one of the best smart TVs to buy. The most unique aspect of this smart TV is that it can be used as a computer. You can work on your files from the iCloud or mirror your laptop screen onto the TV, for easy use. This TV also offers a unique visual experience, as it enables you to turn the TV screen into a virtual music system. The Home Cloud features enable you to save files to the TV seamlessly, thereby freeing up valuable space on your laptops or smartphones. Due to its low price, this best budget 4K TV In India is considered to be one of the best budget smart TVs in India.


5. OnePlus TV 55U1 Best Budget 4K TV In India 

best 4k tv in india under 40000

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 OnePlus’s latest and cheapest 4K TV was launched in July dubbed  OnePlus TV 55U1. It comes under all-new U series and costs less than Rs 50,000. This 55-inch OnePlus best budget 4K TV In India comes with 93% of the DCI-P3, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG as well as Dolby Vision. On the audio front, the new OnePlus TVs also support Dolby Audio for surround sound. It has two full-range speakers along with two tweeters for an effective output of 30W. 

The Gamma Engine also makes the cut, bringing features such as noise reduction, dynamic contrast, super-resolution, MEMC, anti-aliasing, distortion reduction and colour space mapping. It runs on the latest version of Android TV 9.0 OS with Play Store to download additional apps and Google Assistant. It innovates with the remote control where any smartphone can act as the remote with the OnePlus Connect app. This brings easier browsing through the interface, easier typing in search bars, taking screenshots and more.


6. Samsung Super 6 series 4K UHD Smart TV Best Budget 4K TV In India 

43lk5760pta flipkart

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The Samsung Super 6 Series(UA50NU6100) best budget 4K TV In India is a very popular model in India, thanks to its excellent pricing, panel quality and reliable customer service.

With a 55-inch UHD LED panel, along the support of Live Casting and screen mirroring and partners including Netflix, Prime video, YouTube etc, it is one of us most feature packed TVs one can get. 

The panel also supports HDR and HDR10+ for enhanced visuals, better colour quality and higher contrast. The sound output is handled by a 20W Dolby Digital Plus speaker.

7. Xiaomi Mi Smart TV 4X Pro Best Budget 4K TV In India 

best 4k tv in india under 40000

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Xiaomi has become one of the fastest-growing Smart TV brands in India with affordable TVs across all price segments. The new Mi TV 4X Pro best budget 4K TV In India brings a 55-inch 4K LED panel which supports HDR output.

Internally, it is powered by a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Xiaomi’s proprietary PatchWall brings 7,00,000+hours of content that can be accessed. The included Bluetooth remote also supports voice commands. For sound, the TV comes with powerful 20W stereo speakers.

8. LG 4K UHD Smart TV Best Budget 4K TV In India 

How To Play 4k Video On Full HD TV

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LG is also a popular player in the TV space, and the new AI ThinQ range marries smart features with a brilliant 4K IPS display with Active HDR support. IPS panels have better off-axis viewing angles than LCDs.

This best budget 4K TV In India can also optimize regular content to HDR10, and augments that with 20W DTS Virtual:X surround sound.

The ThinQ AI smart TV platform brings voice commands and voice search over Google Assistant and Alexa, with partners including Netflix, Prime video, Hotstar and other regional OTT platforms.

9. iFalconn 55-inch 4K smart TV Best Budget 4K TV In India 

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iFalconn range of smart TVs come with aggressive and they are from the house of TCL. They have a very affordable yet quality offering 4K TV with a 55-inch model. The iFFALCON K31 best budget 4K TV In India comes with LED panel with HDR 10 support. 

The TV runs on Android TV 9 OS and supports Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and YouTube apps with more than 5,000 apps ans services offered via Google Play Store. You also get Chromecast built-in along with Google Assistant voice control. 

For audio, there is a 20W stereo speaker which supports Dolby Audio. There is a quad-core CPU, a Triple-core GPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and 16 GB of storage. Overall for the price of Rs 29,999, this is one of the best deal you could get in India. If you wait for the right time you can also avail 10% off when Flipkart hosts a sale. 

10. Nokia 55-inch smart TV Best Budget 4K TV In India 

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Nokia entered the TV segment last year and expanded the series recently with a 43-inch model addition. However, the 55-inch 4K model is still available on Flipkart, who acquired the rights to use the Nokia brand name for smart TVs for the Indian market. 

The Nokia best budget 4K TV In India comes pre-loaded with Android 9 TV OS preloaded with access to over 5,000 apps and games via Google Play Store. The display also supports HDR10 content and Dolby vision 4K. 

On the hardware front, the TV comes with a quad-core chipset, 2,5GB RAM, and 16GB storage. Other features include 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, Bluetooth 5.0, and built-in Wi-fi.

Buying Guide: LED best budget 4K TV In India

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You’re clearly confused about your next TV purchase and need a piece of advice, right?

Well, we have it.

Take a deep breath and go through the article.

We will make you understand the basics and guide you through the jargon like a breeze.

Let’s look at the factors that you need to consider while buying best budget 4K TV In India.


Half a lakh is definitely not a bad choice.

Spending such an amount means you are serious and interested in spending some quality time in front of the TV.

For Rs.50,000, you’re going to get some best in class features and a stunning display to look at.


First things first. No OLED panels.

Yes, you’ve heard it right.

OLED panels are so damn expensive to manufacture.

OEM’s still don’t find it profitable to include one in this price bracket.

So all you have to cherish is a good LED panel with edge lighting. And a pretty good one at it.

Resolution & Screen size

This is a tricky part. Resolution and screen size is interdependent.

You should only choose a 4K screen if you are aiming for a larger display.

Otherwise, a full HD display would suffice.

However, choosing a display size of minimum 43-inch is better, if you ask us.

There are TVs available up to a display size of 55-inch with 4K resolution.

Models like 43-inch LG 43UJ632T 4K TV priced at Rs.52,750 is a good choice having a perfect resolution with suitable screen real estate.

Contrast ratio

More the contrast ratio, better will be the overall brightness of the display.

Most of the LED TVs priced under Rs.50,000 comes with a respectable contrast ratio upwards of 100000:1 stretching even up to a staggering 600000:1.

Refresh rate

Many people who buy a LED TV for a budget of Rs.40,000 and above double it up as a secondary gaming monitor.

Leaving the resolution/display size aside, the most important factor for a gaming monitor is its refresh rate.

Serious gamers hate to see dropped frames in between.

Most of the LED TVs priced under Rs.50,000 comes with the standard 60Hz refresh rate.

Models like Sony KLV 43W772E and Samsung 43K5300 comes with interpolated refresh rates of 200Hz and 100Hz respectively.

High Dynamic Range

HDR support is important if you are the one who loves to watch native 4K content on the TV in its full glory.

Many games are also launching with the HDR capability which will increase the overall immersive experience.

Models like the Mi Smart TV 4 and LG 43UJ632T priced at Rs.44,999 and Rs. 52,750 respectively comes with HDR support.


At a budget of just under Rs.50,000 Smart TV is the way to go.

No matter if you’re interested in it or not, just go for it.

No one knows what future has in store for you.

Most of the LED TVs come with a minimum of 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

The Vu LEDN50K310X3D, a 50-inch 4K LED TV priced at Rs. 44,999 comes with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports.

Wi-FI connectivity is a standard feature in all models.

Bluetooth is one added functionality that you must decide whether to have or not.


You’re already spending close to Rs.50,000 because you absolutely enjoy having stunning visuals.

To have a completely immersive viewing experience, we would recommend you to invest in a decent home theater or speakers.

The speakers that come with these TVs are not up to the mark.

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1. What does “4K” mean, what does “Ultra HD” mean, and what are the differences between the two?

Quite simply 4K is used to refer to a resolution which amounts to about four times the pixel count of Full HD resolution. Full HD is measured at 1920 x 1080 pixels and for most consumer purposes, 4K UHD resolution is set at 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is roughly 4 times as many pixels as FHD (Full HD). They’re also colloquially called 2160p and 1080p resolutions respectively. There is also a less common 4K resolution called DCI 4K, rarely found in 4K TVs but common in 4K home theater projectors and some 4K video cameras. This is set at 4096 x 2160 pixels and offers roughly half a million pixels more than 4K UHD.

As for ultra HD, it has a more flexible meaning. Right now it’s practically synonymous with 4K UHD TV displays and other 4K consumer products but when other resolutions like 6Kand 8K become more common, they could also be called ultra HD.

2 . Why are 4K screens/displays preferred over 1080P – what are the advantages and why is this technology worth it? How does this ultra-high definition technology change the user experience for the better on various devices (TVs, computer monitors, phones and cameras)?

4K resolution isn’t actually easy to distinguish from normal FHD on smaller display devices of less than 45 inches across (diagonally) unless you get really close up to  the screen but aside from this 4K definitely brings with it a much better level of sharpness on all larger screens and even on smaller screens, the sharpness and smoothness of digital video looks far superior when viewed close up. Aside from these obvious benefits, 4K display devices come with the best peripheral display technologies these days and 4K recording devices are obviously better because their 2160p video output is more future-proof for being displayed on larger screens (which are becoming more popular among consumers).

3. What are the current 4K screen technologies available to consumers (e.g., HDR, OLED, AMOLED, Quantum Dot [QD], UHD, etc.)? Please describe the differences between these technologies mentioned and list any others that I failed to mention.

The most important 4K display technologies (mainly for 4K TVs) currently available are HDR and OLED. Quantum Dots and other brand-specific technologies mostly revolve around enhancing 4K resolution or HDR in any case. OLED is its own distinct display technology for display design and it is also found in non-4K screens.

4.Where can consumers currently get/watch 4K content (e.g., streaming sites, 4K UHD Blu-ray players, etc.)? Why isn’t broadcast TV in 4K yet, and when is this coming?

 The best and most easily accessible sources of 4K content for anyone anywhere in the world are 4K UHD Blu-ray discs. You’ll need a 4K Blu-ray player to play them but if you get one, you can watch any of the dozens of 4K movies now coming to Blu-ray on your 4K TV even if you have no other source of 4K content or the right internet connectivity to access streaming media apps. After 4K Blu-ray, the most easily accessible content in 4K is the stuff available from streaming internet services like Vudu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and others and apps for all of these are found on most 4K TVs right out of the box. However you’ll needs at least 20Mbps of connectivity to your home in order to stream 4K video from said apps.


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